urgical Goblin, the best player in the world of Clash Royale

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Frank Oskam. That is the name of one of the most important players in the history of Clash Royale, a short but intense story and probably the best player in the world right now , although the Spaniard Soking is making things very difficult for him in the European CCGS, and much remains to be demonstrated.

He is 18 years old and currently works in Team Queso, one of the most important clubs both in our country and internationally as far as mobile esports are concerned. Together, they try to dominate the Clash Royale scene.

Frank Oskam, better known as Surgical Goblin.
Frank Oskam, better known as Surgical Goblin.
Is Surgical Goblin the best in the world?

The story of Surgical Goblin, like that of many others, begins with Clash of Clans, where many of the players of Supercell were forged. Seeing how other users constantly uploaded videos to the network about the game served as inspiration to a Surgical Goblin that already has on its youtube channel with almost 400,000 subscribers.

After the initial stage, Frank dedicated himself and made instructive videos about Clash Royale, which can serve both the most casual players and the most interested and involved in the world.

Accompanied by his parents when he began to compete being a minor, Frank was destroying rival after rival after placing in the autumn edition of ESWC, Paris Games Week 2016, where he obtained the second position losing in the final against Ming.

Surgical continued training and improving with the aim of being proclaimed winner of the next edition, and it was. He managed to stand in the final of the ESWC in his winter edition, and after dominating absolutely the entire tournament, was able to beat Nemsensei and place the title of winner.

From that moment Surgical has continued to add achievements and has been erected as one of the rivals to beat for the other players. He reached the quarterfinals as Captain of the Dutch national team. He also made the ESWC Gamescom in Germany against Soking with a resounding 3 to 0.

After this end, Soking declared that, at that time, “nobody can stop it. For me, it is the best in the world”.

Another of his achievements was the reissue of his match against the ESWC against Nemsensei, but in the final of the European Spring CCGS, making clear once again who is the best in the continent and pocketing the $ 15,000 prize.

Soking, a strong rival

The definitive answer to the aforementioned question is not totally unanimous, but certainly a majority: for almost everyone, Surgical Goblin is the best Clash Royale player of the moment , but the competition is very tough, and Surgical has its biggest rival at home.

At the CCGS, the Dutchman is now in second place behind Soking, his friend and team-mate in Team Queso , who is making a strong request to seize him as Europe’s best player, especially having won in his two previous confrontations. But for now, the respect Surgical has earned from the community through its relentless play and achievements remains intact, keeping it as the best player in the world.

Rivals in the CCGS, companions in SLO.
Rivals in the CCGS, companions in SLO.
Currently and parallel to the international competitions also begins the SLO of Clash Royale . LVP has made an interesting display of means to put the game of Supercell in the highest of the most competitive video games of the country, and Surgical Goblin participates, yes, with his teammates team. We will see if he is able to add to his record the title of the prestigious national league, although his objective is to obtain international titles.

“Surgical Goblin is certainly one of the best players in the world” , tells us Brais “Shiki” Gonz├ílez, caster of LVP and formerly of Team Cheese . “It’s that Faker who, play it, has all the winnings. Still, I think he has to improve other aspects as a professional player, like many Clash Royale players.”

Supercell mobile video game at competitive level still has a very short life and new talent will surely emerge, but for now, the Dutch is the rival to beat. (Click www.gameusd.com to buy buy clash royale gems online,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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