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Transfer preparation (purchase)

Transfer preparation, is the first half of the transfer operation, that is the “search player” and “scout analysis.”

This two-step work can be carried out outside the transfer window, it is not recommended in the transfer window open when the implementation of these two steps (mainly a waste of time, when you search, survey, transfer window is almost closed ).

Search for players: Since the “FIFA14” start, as a coach of the players can no longer search the player’s comprehensive evaluation, you have to search their names, and then enter the player’s information interface, to get the player’s comprehensive evaluation and the Class attribute information.

Although this practice a lot of trouble, but also more real.

So how can you search for a good player?
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The author’s approach is to combine your understanding of football and search on the Internet for outstanding player information, and then in the “FIFA18” search for players. First of all, you have a certain amount of knowledge of football, at least you want to know what the ball today’s excellent players, buy them right, but the problem is that these players are very high worth

If you transfer budget funds are not abundant, you can consider some demon players.

I will be on some football-related sites, the domestic can see “Tiger × football demon galaxy”, which will have a lot of well-known foreign football site of the demon star new translation.

Although the reality and the game are mostly some differences, but I can certainly tell you, EA will be applied to the network data “FIFA18”, as long as the major domestic and international football media have mentioned the demon, in the “FIFA18” All are good seedling.

For example, Nabil Fekir in early 2016 was regarded as the “French demon king”, although the reality he was seriously injured, “FIFA18” also reduced his overall evaluation, but the real use of him to play the game is very good, left foot , There is impact, there are foot (he is also the only one who can be trained to him to the transfer fee of £ 150 million players).

The purchase price of these demons are very low, just a little exercise, you can sell a good price, if these demon really easy to use, then you like the author, they will be trained into tomorrow’s team leader.

So you have to pay more attention to the players on the Internet / demon information, and then back to the game to search.

There is also a search method, that is, by scouts to help find, this approach is not recommended, because even if the players to find their growth is not as good as the reality of the demon.

Scout Analysis: When you successfully search for a player, do not rush to buy, you can send your gold scout to your favorite players to analyze.

The time of the analysis is based on the strength of the scout, the higher the scouting strength, the more time to analyze, and after the analysis, he can also lower the transfer fee (when the player is sold, the scout can also raise the transfer fee) The

Scout after the analysis, he will give a transfer fee range, you generally choose the lowest range of prices can be. If you sell the player is different, you choose to transfer the highest price.

So there is a good scout, in the transfer, to get the price advantage.

Transfer preparation (sell)

Sell ​​players relative to the purchase of players a little bit, is that you can only through their own analysis, to decide which players to sell, generally have the following indicators, decided to sell or not sell.

Contract issues: In general, players will be in the contract period only half a year to 1 year, willing to negotiate with you for renewal.

During this period (up to 1 year), you can initiate a number of renewed negotiations at any time to the player who is about to end the contract. As long as you meet his renewal conditions, the other will promise. Only some players are more tangled, will be in the contract is about to expire the last few days will agree to the new contract, so you have patience.

But some players may be their age, or often can not hit the main, they have long been disheartened of your team, and long ago to find a good home (just intention), then these players can not Renewal. At this time, you can take advantage of the contract period, they choose to sell them, so as not to let them flow as a free agent.

If your team is free of charge and the loss of the contract (the contract expires), these players will no longer join your team, they will be regarded as you give up them, these players will be hostile to your club The

Tactical System Question: Some players are not suitable for your tactical system, or you find that a young army can replace a player, these completely not useful players, you can choose to sell them.

Age: When the average player reaches 36, they will start thinking about retirement. Retired players, you are using more money can not move them.

As for how to judge a player when decommissioning? The most obvious feature is that they choose “one year a sign”, you will find some veterans, they do not want to sign a few years of the contract, only willing to sign a year, which means that They may have finished this season will be retired.

Then the author suggested that whenever the 35-year-old veteran, they are willing to renew with you for a year, after the contract, immediately sold him, then you can make a sum, and is stable (after all, this may be Veteran, will retire after a year, when you can not get a child).

Sell ​​players to operate: sell players without going through any negotiations, directly on the team list, the player moved to the transfer window and indicate the transfer price.

If you go back, before the sale, cancel the sale of the player can be. But should pay attention to the players into the transfer window, the attitude of the players will have a certain impact.

In addition to your active sale of the players, in the transfer window open period, there will be other players will take the initiative to ask you the players, you can give the transfer fee based on each other, combined with your home scout recommendations, to modify the transfer fee or Is to refuse the transfer transaction operation.

Transfer negotiations

After you search the player, the scout analysis, you finally selected the target player, this time you have to wait for the transfer window open, to the target player where the club will be transfer transactions.

Then it will go into the next steps, transfer negotiations (divided into club talks and player negotiations).

Club negotiations: Scout will give you favorite players transfer fee range, I suggest you choose the lowest price to the other club will be trading.

The general club will agree to the other, otherwise you will be the next party will be the next time to negotiate the price of the new transfer fee.

But in some cases the other party will not be negotiated. That is the player just joined the team, or that player in the next season clearly in the transfer window after 1 month retired.

Player Negotiations: The player talks are more complicated than the club negotiations, mainly the player’s treatment of this piece of content.

You have to set the player’s weekly salary (including bonus, terms), contract year. In general, the author’s approach is to continue the treatment of these players on a club and then combined with the expectations of players.

This practice, the players will be more smoothly negotiations. If there is obstruction, it is like renewal, bombing, with the same treatment conditions continue to apply to the player, the transfer window is about to close when the players will agree most of the time.

Interactive transfer negotiations: this year, “FIFA18” coaching model in the biggest innovation, is the new interactive transfer negotiations. As a new leader, now you can be immersive, with other golf clubs and brokers for immediate transfer and contract negotiations.

If you do not want to participate in the negotiations, you can also at the new transfer center, instruct and appoint a negotiation.

“FIFA18” transfer also includes some new improvements, as well as by adding incentives and terms (such as resale terms, termination terms, etc.) to choose a new level. (Click to buy fifa mobile points buy, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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