Analysis of the Dual – Tanzhuang Strong Flow in the Clash Royale Super Giant Card Group

Analysis of the Dual – Tanzhuang Strong Flow in the Clash Royale Super Giant Card Group
Super Knight’s greatest advantage is to jump, or to promote faster, followed by the restraint of the general tank of the group forces, it can enhance the tank flow, for example, with the giant attack.

  Super Giant Card Group 

  Card group profile

  In this card group, the role of Super Knight is somewhat similar to the dark prince, can fight back the group forces, and help the giant deal with the ground sea, increase the threat of advance. While the super-ride although the higher cost, but more tricky vice Tan, and jump or stronger than the charge after the cut stronger!

  The advantages of the card group: can be double tan push, and push the output is very high, there are assassins fill knife. Mobile phone online games Raiders in the funeral, shortcomings: the big pickup, hell tower, gas dragon and other restraint, defense air force is also general, so the need for electric shock and heavy armor auxiliary!

  Single card analysis

  Super Knight: AOE output, can fight back troops, can be used as Vice Tan, but also jump cut, in short, a high standard of counterattack units, and large pickups are different.

  Giant: to promote the flow of a main tank, the two pairs of flow, the stone cost is too high, that the ground tank is the most flesh is the giant, high level can attract a lot of damage, and focus on the building .

  Heavy armor: whether it is hell tower, hell dragon or a large pickup card, iron flies as the air defense of the small pickup, which can handle almost all for the giant and ultra-riding units.

  Light Master : said in front of the need to interrupt the hell tower, dragon, lightning magic is the continuation of the shock of the provider, the field can also clear bat, dead, skull and other sea.

  Small electricity: no electricity, the small power can play a similar one-time role, but also less expensive and more flexible, and can help check!

  Arrows: small and medium-sized low blood sea can be used to solve the shock, can be highly effective popular Goblin group, then the need to solve the rain!

  Assassin: card group of the third output point, often with the giant and ultra-riding behind the responsible for the knife, continuous burst into the injury is good.

  Holy water collector: 4 fee card group optional save the cost of construction, the former medium-term can also attract fire, of course, save costs may be more important than the tower, the late card group with a wave of capacity, as long as the cost is enough!

  Well, the current Raiders to the here, we see you later ~

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