FIFA 18 (switch) in the test – the round to the corner

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The success of the FIFA brand is not due to the fact that it is able to cover a broad spectrum of the console market. FIFA 18 is no exception here, and appears, though in a slender form, for consoles of the last generation. The latest FIFA version next to PS3 and Xbox 360 also bring to the Nintendo switch, therefore seems quite fair and logical. A little bit of courage can be denied to EA, however: When the work on the football simulation began, it was certainly not yet foreseeable that the switch would be a resounding success. All the more pleasing that I would like my review on FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch: It is a successful, and almost content-complete porting.

FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch
game modes

Let’s talk about the swastikas of the switch version: The story mode The Journey , where you slip on other systems into the role of the kicker Alex Hunter, is missing on the switch. Likewise fans have to do without the Weekend League, Squad Challenges and Champions Channels. And then, of course, there would be the Frostbite engine, which in Current-Gen versions of FIFA provides for impressive ball and player physics. Here, too, switch players have to make do with an adapted and scaled-down engine.

On the other side of the coin are all other relevant game modes that FIFA fans know and love. Career mode, online matches, local multiplayer, and even the first time on a Nintendo Ultimate Team console. Even talking, Nintendo kickers do not have to do without a cornucopia at leagues, stadiums and handsome modeled kickers.

A secret highlight in the Switch- FIFA is, of course, the local multiplayer mode, in which the Switch can fully exploit its potential as a mobile fun center. Even if the JoyCon, which is held on the side, hardly meets the requirements of a modern football simulation, it is simply fun to be able to spontaneously challenge a friend or stranger without a technical setup process.


FIFA 18 Switch
In the absence of Frostbyte engine, FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch looks not only different than the versions for PS4 and XBO, it also plays something different. FIFA admins will notice that the switch version is faster and more direct, which is due to the self-carved engine, which should also be used in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

With transversal JoyCon it is a little habituation to use the shooters for sprinting and player changes. The small analog sticks make it difficult to precisely determine the running speed, and the action buttons, which are close together, often lead to failures. In the docked mode it gets better with the shoulder buttons, the analog sticks remain too imprecise for fast maneuvers. If you really want to play FIFA 18 at a prodessional level, there is no pro-controller around. I find it a pity that EA has no longer focused on the HD-Rumble function of the JoyCon. The precise engines are noticeable only in the case of slats and the shooting of the slats.

Graphics and presentation

Graphically, the biggest differences of the switch version are distinguished from the large console counterparts. Instead of modeled people in the audience you have to take part in the portable Nintendo console with pixel sprites. The texture of the player’s faces and dresses do not look quite as sharp and crisp as the competition. In some animations, the switch is clearly noticeable in terms of its hardware-tuned hardware.

However, the optimization has paid off. Optically, the switch version of FIFA 18 looks much better than the Last-Gen variants of the game for PS3 and Xbox 360. In the handheld mode, the hardware manages FIFA 18 at native 720p in stable 60 FPS. On the TV is docked the shows even to 1080p ennobled. In inter-sequences and replays the Framerate is throttled down to 30 FPS. Switch players can also enjoy graphical effects such as fade-out and depth-of-focus. When the shadow is cast, the textures look a bit coarse-pixelated, but this is hardly important in fast gameplay.

Multiplayer and online features

In the run-up to the game, the question arose about how FIFA 18 would cope with the questionable online features of the Switch. The vermouth drops: Cross-platform multiplayer games and matchmaking with friends will not be on the switch. All other online modes are on board, however, and require the connection of the Nintendo account with an EA account.

Also negative is the fact that the online-first mentality of stationary consoles on the Nintendo Switch is not very natural and user-friendly. You can also press the automatic pop-up to the Internet settings, so you can use the basic game modes of FIFA 18 offline. This option is not very self-explanatory. Instead of an opt-out process for connectivity, EA would have been better advised with opt-in for online game modes.

Conclusion on FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch

I’m glad that after a 3-year break, a new FIFA is coming to a Nintendo system. The switch enriches the football experience skilfully by the factor portability, albeit at the expense of presentation and online features. However, I like to accept such cuts, because there is nothing about a quick match against friends in the plane, or the pleasure with Messi dribbling through the local toilet. Electronic Arts has put a technically clean and substantively convincing debut on the switch. It is hoped that FIFA 18 will not be the last entry in the squad book of the portable console. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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