urgical Goblin, the best player in the world of Clash Royale

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Frank Oskam. That is the name of one of the most important players in the history of Clash Royale, a short but intense story and probably the best player in the world right now , although the Spaniard Soking is making things very difficult for him in the European CCGS, and much remains to be demonstrated.

He is 18 years old and currently works in Team Queso, one of the most important clubs both in our country and internationally as far as mobile esports are concerned. Together, they try to dominate the Clash Royale scene.

Frank Oskam, better known as Surgical Goblin.
Frank Oskam, better known as Surgical Goblin.
Is Surgical Goblin the best in the world?

The story of Surgical Goblin, like that of many others, begins with Clash of Clans, where many of the players of Supercell were forged. Seeing how other users constantly uploaded videos to the network about the game served as inspiration to a Surgical Goblin that already has on its youtube channel with almost 400,000 subscribers.

After the initial stage, Frank dedicated himself and made instructive videos about Clash Royale, which can serve both the most casual players and the most interested and involved in the world.

Accompanied by his parents when he began to compete being a minor, Frank was destroying rival after rival after placing in the autumn edition of ESWC, Paris Games Week 2016, where he obtained the second position losing in the final against Ming.

Surgical continued training and improving with the aim of being proclaimed winner of the next edition, and it was. He managed to stand in the final of the ESWC in his winter edition, and after dominating absolutely the entire tournament, was able to beat Nemsensei and place the title of winner.

From that moment Surgical has continued to add achievements and has been erected as one of the rivals to beat for the other players. He reached the quarterfinals as Captain of the Dutch national team. He also made the ESWC Gamescom in Germany against Soking with a resounding 3 to 0.

After this end, Soking declared that, at that time, “nobody can stop it. For me, it is the best in the world”.

Another of his achievements was the reissue of his match against the ESWC against Nemsensei, but in the final of the European Spring CCGS, making clear once again who is the best in the continent and pocketing the $ 15,000 prize.

Soking, a strong rival

The definitive answer to the aforementioned question is not totally unanimous, but certainly a majority: for almost everyone, Surgical Goblin is the best Clash Royale player of the moment , but the competition is very tough, and Surgical has its biggest rival at home.

At the CCGS, the Dutchman is now in second place behind Soking, his friend and team-mate in Team Queso , who is making a strong request to seize him as Europe’s best player, especially having won in his two previous confrontations. But for now, the respect Surgical has earned from the community through its relentless play and achievements remains intact, keeping it as the best player in the world.

Rivals in the CCGS, companions in SLO.
Rivals in the CCGS, companions in SLO.
Currently and parallel to the international competitions also begins the SLO of Clash Royale . LVP has made an interesting display of means to put the game of Supercell in the highest of the most competitive video games of the country, and Surgical Goblin participates, yes, with his teammates team. We will see if he is able to add to his record the title of the prestigious national league, although his objective is to obtain international titles.

“Surgical Goblin is certainly one of the best players in the world” , tells us Brais “Shiki” González, caster of LVP and formerly of Team Cheese . “It’s that Faker who, play it, has all the winnings. Still, I think he has to improve other aspects as a professional player, like many Clash Royale players.”

Supercell mobile video game at competitive level still has a very short life and new talent will surely emerge, but for now, the Dutch is the rival to beat. (Click www.gameusd.com to buy buy clash royale gems online,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (11)

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Transfer preparation (purchase)

Transfer preparation, is the first half of the transfer operation, that is the “search player” and “scout analysis.”

This two-step work can be carried out outside the transfer window, it is not recommended in the transfer window open when the implementation of these two steps (mainly a waste of time, when you search, survey, transfer window is almost closed ).

Search for players: Since the “FIFA14” start, as a coach of the players can no longer search the player’s comprehensive evaluation, you have to search their names, and then enter the player’s information interface, to get the player’s comprehensive evaluation and the Class attribute information.

Although this practice a lot of trouble, but also more real.

So how can you search for a good player?
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The author’s approach is to combine your understanding of football and search on the Internet for outstanding player information, and then in the “FIFA18” search for players. First of all, you have a certain amount of knowledge of football, at least you want to know what the ball today’s excellent players, buy them right, but the problem is that these players are very high worth

If you transfer budget funds are not abundant, you can consider some demon players.

I will be on some football-related sites, the domestic can see “Tiger × football demon galaxy”, which will have a lot of well-known foreign football site of the demon star new translation.

Although the reality and the game are mostly some differences, but I can certainly tell you, EA will be applied to the network data “FIFA18”, as long as the major domestic and international football media have mentioned the demon, in the “FIFA18” All are good seedling.

For example, Nabil Fekir in early 2016 was regarded as the “French demon king”, although the reality he was seriously injured, “FIFA18” also reduced his overall evaluation, but the real use of him to play the game is very good, left foot , There is impact, there are foot (he is also the only one who can be trained to him to the transfer fee of £ 150 million players).

The purchase price of these demons are very low, just a little exercise, you can sell a good price, if these demon really easy to use, then you like the author, they will be trained into tomorrow’s team leader.

So you have to pay more attention to the players on the Internet / demon information, and then back to the game to search.

There is also a search method, that is, by scouts to help find, this approach is not recommended, because even if the players to find their growth is not as good as the reality of the demon.

Scout Analysis: When you successfully search for a player, do not rush to buy, you can send your gold scout to your favorite players to analyze.

The time of the analysis is based on the strength of the scout, the higher the scouting strength, the more time to analyze, and after the analysis, he can also lower the transfer fee (when the player is sold, the scout can also raise the transfer fee) The

Scout after the analysis, he will give a transfer fee range, you generally choose the lowest range of prices can be. If you sell the player is different, you choose to transfer the highest price.

So there is a good scout, in the transfer, to get the price advantage.

Transfer preparation (sell)

Sell ​​players relative to the purchase of players a little bit, is that you can only through their own analysis, to decide which players to sell, generally have the following indicators, decided to sell or not sell.

Contract issues: In general, players will be in the contract period only half a year to 1 year, willing to negotiate with you for renewal.

During this period (up to 1 year), you can initiate a number of renewed negotiations at any time to the player who is about to end the contract. As long as you meet his renewal conditions, the other will promise. Only some players are more tangled, will be in the contract is about to expire the last few days will agree to the new contract, so you have patience.

But some players may be their age, or often can not hit the main, they have long been disheartened of your team, and long ago to find a good home (just intention), then these players can not Renewal. At this time, you can take advantage of the contract period, they choose to sell them, so as not to let them flow as a free agent.

If your team is free of charge and the loss of the contract (the contract expires), these players will no longer join your team, they will be regarded as you give up them, these players will be hostile to your club The

Tactical System Question: Some players are not suitable for your tactical system, or you find that a young army can replace a player, these completely not useful players, you can choose to sell them.

Age: When the average player reaches 36, they will start thinking about retirement. Retired players, you are using more money can not move them.

As for how to judge a player when decommissioning? The most obvious feature is that they choose “one year a sign”, you will find some veterans, they do not want to sign a few years of the contract, only willing to sign a year, which means that They may have finished this season will be retired.

Then the author suggested that whenever the 35-year-old veteran, they are willing to renew with you for a year, after the contract, immediately sold him, then you can make a sum, and is stable (after all, this may be Veteran, will retire after a year, when you can not get a child).

Sell ​​players to operate: sell players without going through any negotiations, directly on the team list, the player moved to the transfer window and indicate the transfer price.

If you go back, before the sale, cancel the sale of the player can be. But should pay attention to the players into the transfer window, the attitude of the players will have a certain impact.

In addition to your active sale of the players, in the transfer window open period, there will be other players will take the initiative to ask you the players, you can give the transfer fee based on each other, combined with your home scout recommendations, to modify the transfer fee or Is to refuse the transfer transaction operation.

Transfer negotiations

After you search the player, the scout analysis, you finally selected the target player, this time you have to wait for the transfer window open, to the target player where the club will be transfer transactions.

Then it will go into the next steps, transfer negotiations (divided into club talks and player negotiations).

Club negotiations: Scout will give you favorite players transfer fee range, I suggest you choose the lowest price to the other club will be trading.

The general club will agree to the other, otherwise you will be the next party will be the next time to negotiate the price of the new transfer fee.

But in some cases the other party will not be negotiated. That is the player just joined the team, or that player in the next season clearly in the transfer window after 1 month retired.

Player Negotiations: The player talks are more complicated than the club negotiations, mainly the player’s treatment of this piece of content.

You have to set the player’s weekly salary (including bonus, terms), contract year. In general, the author’s approach is to continue the treatment of these players on a club and then combined with the expectations of players.

This practice, the players will be more smoothly negotiations. If there is obstruction, it is like renewal, bombing, with the same treatment conditions continue to apply to the player, the transfer window is about to close when the players will agree most of the time.

Interactive transfer negotiations: this year, “FIFA18” coaching model in the biggest innovation, is the new interactive transfer negotiations. As a new leader, now you can be immersive, with other golf clubs and brokers for immediate transfer and contract negotiations.

If you do not want to participate in the negotiations, you can also at the new transfer center, instruct and appoint a negotiation.

“FIFA18” transfer also includes some new improvements, as well as by adding incentives and terms (such as resale terms, termination terms, etc.) to choose a new level. (Click www.gameusd.com to buy fifa mobile points buy, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Analysis of the Dual – Tanzhuang Strong Flow in the Clash Royale Super Giant Card Group

Analysis of the Dual – Tanzhuang Strong Flow in the Clash Royale Super Giant Card Group
Super Knight’s greatest advantage is to jump, or to promote faster, followed by the restraint of the general tank of the group forces, it can enhance the tank flow, for example, with the giant attack.

  Super Giant Card Group 

  Card group profile

  In this card group, the role of Super Knight is somewhat similar to the dark prince, can fight back the group forces, and help the giant deal with the ground sea, increase the threat of advance. While the super-ride although the higher cost, but more tricky vice Tan, and jump or stronger than the charge after the cut stronger!

  The advantages of the card group: can be double tan push, and push the output is very high, there are assassins fill knife. Mobile phone online games Raiders in the funeral, shortcomings: the big pickup, hell tower, gas dragon and other restraint, defense air force is also general, so the need for electric shock and heavy armor auxiliary!

  Single card analysis

  Super Knight: AOE output, can fight back troops, can be used as Vice Tan, but also jump cut, in short, a high standard of counterattack units, and large pickups are different.

  Giant: to promote the flow of a main tank, the two pairs of flow, the stone cost is too high, that the ground tank is the most flesh is the giant, high level can attract a lot of damage, and focus on the building .

  Heavy armor: whether it is hell tower, hell dragon or a large pickup card, iron flies as the air defense of the small pickup, which can handle almost all for the giant and ultra-riding units.

  Light Master : said in front of the need to interrupt the hell tower, dragon, lightning magic is the continuation of the shock of the provider, the field can also clear bat, dead, skull and other sea.

  Small electricity: no electricity, the small power can play a similar one-time role, but also less expensive and more flexible, and can help check!

  Arrows: small and medium-sized low blood sea can be used to solve the shock, can be highly effective popular Goblin group, then the need to solve the rain!

  Assassin: card group of the third output point, often with the giant and ultra-riding behind the responsible for the knife, continuous burst into the injury is good.

  Holy water collector: 4 fee card group optional save the cost of construction, the former medium-term can also attract fire, of course, save costs may be more important than the tower, the late card group with a wave of capacity, as long as the cost is enough!

  Well, the current Raiders to the here, we see you later ~

FIFA 18 (switch) in the test – the round to the corner

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The success of the FIFA brand is not due to the fact that it is able to cover a broad spectrum of the console market. FIFA 18 is no exception here, and appears, though in a slender form, for consoles of the last generation. The latest FIFA version next to PS3 and Xbox 360 also bring to the Nintendo switch, therefore seems quite fair and logical. A little bit of courage can be denied to EA, however: When the work on the football simulation began, it was certainly not yet foreseeable that the switch would be a resounding success. All the more pleasing that I would like my review on FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch: It is a successful, and almost content-complete porting.

FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch
game modes

Let’s talk about the swastikas of the switch version: The story mode The Journey , where you slip on other systems into the role of the kicker Alex Hunter, is missing on the switch. Likewise fans have to do without the Weekend League, Squad Challenges and Champions Channels. And then, of course, there would be the Frostbite engine, which in Current-Gen versions of FIFA provides for impressive ball and player physics. Here, too, switch players have to make do with an adapted and scaled-down engine.

On the other side of the coin are all other relevant game modes that FIFA fans know and love. Career mode, online matches, local multiplayer, and even the first time on a Nintendo Ultimate Team console. Even talking, Nintendo kickers do not have to do without a cornucopia at leagues, stadiums and handsome modeled kickers.

A secret highlight in the Switch- FIFA is, of course, the local multiplayer mode, in which the Switch can fully exploit its potential as a mobile fun center. Even if the JoyCon, which is held on the side, hardly meets the requirements of a modern football simulation, it is simply fun to be able to spontaneously challenge a friend or stranger without a technical setup process.


FIFA 18 Switch
In the absence of Frostbyte engine, FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch looks not only different than the versions for PS4 and XBO, it also plays something different. FIFA admins will notice that the switch version is faster and more direct, which is due to the self-carved engine, which should also be used in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

With transversal JoyCon it is a little habituation to use the shooters for sprinting and player changes. The small analog sticks make it difficult to precisely determine the running speed, and the action buttons, which are close together, often lead to failures. In the docked mode it gets better with the shoulder buttons, the analog sticks remain too imprecise for fast maneuvers. If you really want to play FIFA 18 at a prodessional level, there is no pro-controller around. I find it a pity that EA has no longer focused on the HD-Rumble function of the JoyCon. The precise engines are noticeable only in the case of slats and the shooting of the slats.

Graphics and presentation

Graphically, the biggest differences of the switch version are distinguished from the large console counterparts. Instead of modeled people in the audience you have to take part in the portable Nintendo console with pixel sprites. The texture of the player’s faces and dresses do not look quite as sharp and crisp as the competition. In some animations, the switch is clearly noticeable in terms of its hardware-tuned hardware.

However, the optimization has paid off. Optically, the switch version of FIFA 18 looks much better than the Last-Gen variants of the game for PS3 and Xbox 360. In the handheld mode, the hardware manages FIFA 18 at native 720p in stable 60 FPS. On the TV is docked the shows even to 1080p ennobled. In inter-sequences and replays the Framerate is throttled down to 30 FPS. Switch players can also enjoy graphical effects such as fade-out and depth-of-focus. When the shadow is cast, the textures look a bit coarse-pixelated, but this is hardly important in fast gameplay.

Multiplayer and online features

In the run-up to the game, the question arose about how FIFA 18 would cope with the questionable online features of the Switch. The vermouth drops: Cross-platform multiplayer games and matchmaking with friends will not be on the switch. All other online modes are on board, however, and require the connection of the Nintendo account with an EA account.

Also negative is the fact that the online-first mentality of stationary consoles on the Nintendo Switch is not very natural and user-friendly. You can also press the automatic pop-up to the Internet settings, so you can use the basic game modes of FIFA 18 offline. This option is not very self-explanatory. Instead of an opt-out process for connectivity, EA would have been better advised with opt-in for online game modes.

Conclusion on FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch

I’m glad that after a 3-year break, a new FIFA is coming to a Nintendo system. The switch enriches the football experience skilfully by the factor portability, albeit at the expense of presentation and online features. However, I like to accept such cuts, because there is nothing about a quick match against friends in the plane, or the pleasure with Messi dribbling through the local toilet. Electronic Arts has put a technically clean and substantively convincing debut on the switch. It is hoped that FIFA 18 will not be the last entry in the squad book of the portable console. (Click www.gameusd.com to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Clash Royale hits the table with 13,000 spectators in SLO

clash royale gems
Yesterday saw the start of the League of Legends Orange Super League with a first day at Barcelona Games World. This is a very seated competition on the national scene, but today has been the turn to a new Super League, Clash Royale . The mobile device sport already had a great audience success in the Gamergy Masters and has started strongly a season with multiple attractions.
About 2,000 people gathered at the venue where they played the first two games of this opening day, and even prevent the entry of more fans. It was no wonder that Team Heretics and Team Cheese , two of the teams with great players and also have very popular owners, David ” Grefg ” Cánovas and Álvaro ” Álvaro845 ” González. As always, influencers are important .

The numbers were impressive, getting to touch the 13,000 spectators in the channel of Twitch of LVP, usual figures of the League of Legends. Inside the Arena there was not much history as Soking, Surgical Goblin and company ended the hopes of the heretics by three sets to zero. After this meeting was the moment in which the faces Giants Gaming and Movistar Riders were seen, two national esports clubs with a great infrastructure, which they threw great games with the crossbow, a letter little popular in the current competitive game, like protagonist . 3-1 for the giants.
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At this moment the face-to-face phase of this day was finished and the action moved to the studies of the LVP in the Imagina building of Mediapro, coinciding with an intense decrease in the spectators until the 3.000. If the League of Professional Video Games finds a midpoint, you will have found a new star discipline for your Orange Super League .

7.3 shooting hunter monomer teaching and improve the guide output techniques and tips

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I. Introduction
  This article was created in the first week after the melting furnace 7.3, the main hall of the artifact level 67 is the second layer full, peak 16.

Second, the basis

  Pure monomer talent: 13x3x13.

  Attributes and suits :

  Master proficient, sub-crit, rapid 9-12.4T20 essential, Su Lama set matching.

  20 rapid genre unfamiliar, not evaluation.

  Relic :

  Aiming crit> easy to hurt >> aiming to burst injury >>> mark crit, burst >>> other.

  100 hair CD worth having one, but at this stage to obtain more difficult.

  Stakes selection :

  Face the right side of the hall right side of the right side of the team copy of the training dummy.

  BUFF and end time :

  No BUFF, close to the last one outbreak of 500 million to stop.

  Benchmark Damage Percentage and Gain Duration :

  Percentage of injury (in total damage order);

  Aiming at 65+, marking 10-, Arcane, Black Raven, Wind, Cyclone, etc.

  Jewelry sentinel targeting a 3-4% reduction, sentinel + underground fear (ghost incense burner, etc.) by 3-4%.

  Gain duration:

  Smart 98 +, 4T20 85 +, 2T20 60 +, Su Lama set 25, peak 25, and so on.


  Conventional cycle:

  60+ focus on the standard meow meow

  80+ focus on the wind meow meow meow

  110+ focus on the standard meow meow

  Unconventional cycle

  80 + focus on the subject of the Olympic meow meow Olympic Ogg meow (from the target enough near or high when the red meow can enjoy 2T20BUFF effect)

  115+ concentration wind meow meow (no mark and need to pour out the concentration value as soon as possible)

  115+ focus on the style meow meow (marked, there is a storm and need to play as soon as possible when using strawberry to eat King Kong)

  20+ concentration Ao Oow meow (10 quick when needed in 25 yards + and let the red meow eat 4T20 to accelerate the cast effect)

  Conventional outbreak: (black) wind 100 meow meow meow, oracle oo meow meow standard . Do not trigger a lance when the only round. Every time a hundred cooling is completed as much as possible to ensure that 110 + concentration to smooth the cycle of the cycle.

  Unconventional outbreak: the standard meow meow ao oo ou meow meow meow


  Indiscriminate: pure monomer is not recommended indiscriminately.

  Cyclone blasting: If the wind burst when the figure is located in the horizontal line is higher than the target level, can not be normal as the injury. Equal or lower than can be normal as a result of injury.

  Underground fear: not AOE damage, and we use the target stakes next to only one stump, and is Lv112, the increase in damage can be ignored.

  Burst rate: panel burst rate + death mark trait layer x2 + (glove 7.5) + (Surama sets of about 2.5) – (team copy of target 3) = actual expectations burst rate.

  The number of sightings: the number of sightings and the average damage can not judge anything, because the artifacts of the artifacts of the great features of the evolution of the 6 arrows, in the damage statistics (SKADA) is also in the statistics of the target.

Three, heavily armed
  In simple terms, during the hair every time a heavy charge, it is equivalent to playing more than one aiming, less playing a shot.

  In the non-hair period, the heavily armed can be seen as unstable injury, this time need to pay attention to is not to disrupt it cycle, as far as possible not to focus on overflow.

  More practicing natural strong, how to let the nuisance bomber BUFF get the maximum benefit, is the need for many times the stakes practice.

  Here are some of the usual use of live guns, please explore and play their own association.

  Black wind Oh hu meow meow meow oracle meow meow meow

  A dark and stormy one hundred meow Oh meow meow meow meow meow Aoao Austrian standard standard (high probability need flood);

  A dark and stormy one hundred meow meow meow Aoao Olympic logo Oh Austrian meow standard;

  Standard dark and stormy one hundred Oh meow meow meow Austrian Olympic logo meow meow meow Aoao standard;

  Black bark huh meow meow meow oracle meow meow meow

  Many heavily armed with a strong round of torrents need to add concentrated value, BE practice their own practice it.

Five or four cases

  Weapon level 972, sacred material for the gods X2, marked burst X1, the second floor of the furnace characteristics of bullying, shadow master, chaos dark. Overall it is a more popular configuration.

  The gain also includes 12.8 heavily armed and 2.8 quick kill.

  Casually hit the hair, the general hand ring with 945 underground fear and 915 sentry, stable 145 +.

  Specifically put on the gambling crystal can not be a by-product slot with resident storms proficient in each, in order to view the damage accounted for.

  With the output details: the wind card CD release, in the pure period of time to play a hundred rounds during the cooling of the black crow, try to deploy gloves BUFF to make it effective in the high patience shooter easy to hurt the aim.

Six, shoes quit

  Weapon level 972, sacred material for the gods X2, marked burst X1, the second floor of the furnace characteristics of bullying, shadow master, chaos dark. Overall it is a more popular configuration.

  The gain also includes 7 of the heavily armed and 7.3 beheaded.

  Casually hit the hair, the general hand ring with 915 sentry, stable 140 +.

  Specifically put on the gambling crystal can not be by-product with a slot master a master, in order to view the injury accounted for.

  With the output details: more than playing Austrian Olympic Games meow loop, as much as possible card CD use, 100 hair cooling before the wind to see the speed of the use of a hundred hair (fast is not used, slow the first time to play, probably to the remaining 40 seconds for the limit).

Data analysis
  Choose hand ring or shoe ring?

  In the pure wood pile simulation, have finished the last outbreak, there is no doubt that the hand ring injury is higher than the shoes ring.

  In actual combat, although the hand ring more than the glove of the mobile cast, but the first is not necessarily good use, the second timeline requirements are very strict, this point is not as flexible shoes ring.

  Depending on the specific situation and BOSS choice.

  M1 to the battle, for example, if your team’s DPS can hit 3 points, that hand is no doubt that heaven. If it is 3 and a half, that hand ring may not as good as shoes ring.

  In addition, such as m maid such a battle, the timeline requirements more stringent, no doubt shoes ring (even with 2T19) will be more suitable than the hand ring.

  I have been advocating the shoes do not keep up with the DPS … … the main force or live guns and stability to stabilize the monomer to enhance the big friends.

  Why do not I play high?

  1. Cyclone blasting is not triggered by terrain reasons.

  2. Equipment properties are not right (in order to wear and so wear high energy, 12 or more 20 full of rapid).

  3. weapons and other equipment is too low, artifact level is low, the characteristics of bad.

  4. Poor conventional circulation (including not limited to the high proportion of the mark, aiming low, aimed at frequently hit vulnerable range, concentrated concentration overflow, etc.).

  5. Outbreak of poor processing (including not limited to play 7 meow, no brain 1 +1, etc.).

  6. Not good use of 2T20 and 4T20 gain effect (hand ring 65 +, 85 +; shoes ring 60 +, 85 +).

  7. face ugly.

  Why did i play high?

  1. The body with other such as mixture, mistakes, anti-magic coalition shaman like the gain.

  2. more or less into the beheaded stage.

  3. Choose the wrong stakes target (non-team leader level).

  4.AOE to other goals (underground fear, cyclone blasting, etc.).

  5. Equipped with high, equipped with perfect.

  6. There are crystal.

  7. looks like and 6 is the same concept.

  How should I practice the stakes to improve the actual combat level?

  Stakes fighting, can not simulate the actual combat in the post moves, skills, emergency, and so on.

  Then we through the stakes to practice things to be very clear:

  First, the skills cycle, muscle memory.

  Second, the concentration of the management, clear what the value of what to play the cycle, do not let the concentration of a long time overflow.

  Third, easy to hurt and patience shooter use, clear what time to play what cycle, there are some tips, such as according to the rapid and easy to hurt the different duration, learn to stop 0.23 seconds and the like.

  And combat to practice is (when playing piles on the time to think Oh):

  First, the release of skills on the BOSS mechanism and the familiarity of the timeline, and in the corresponding time node to make the appropriate response. (Example: M3 out of the pale tadpoles when the hundred hair must be in the hands)

  Second, in the mobile war to maintain a certain DPS (example: M1 column out of the foot, read the target immediately after the jump instead of directly cancel the targeting position and not to step on the ring)

  Third, the appropriate response to the incident (example: M5 field is bitter spear, keep the output until the DEBUFF fast end to open the shell, and in the subsequent spear was skewed immediately after the turtle shell to continue to output)

  AOE stakes practice

  In fact, nothing good practice, is the test pianist, it is recommended to be a 1 + 1 macro.

  100 hair 1 + 1, the middle belt full of two rounds of aiming, before the end of a hair hit a belt BUFF aiming then re-marked so much

  AOE in actual combat quite hard work, but also I think the most difficult place to shoot hunting, after all, this wonderful way AOE and other occupations are too different. Play more practice.

  I have always felt that the core of the shot is shoes and waist, but now many people think it is hand and quit.

Seven tips
  Well, or to introduce a few steal data is not easy to be found in the small skills, so that when we show off more happy it

  1, the use of gloves, open the routine before the outbreak of the cycle as much as possible so that the glove BUFF in the active state, then the seven-round aiming to have four hair will enjoy the effect of gloves.

  2, heavily armed talent, triggering a heavily armed after playing full concentration, suspended animation, quickly open the normal battle.

  3, stable aim at talent, the target played 10 layers of stability aimed at DEBUFF after playing full concentration, suspended animation, quickly open the normal battle.

  4, Su Lama set when. For a long time do not enter the battle, you can make the next fight into the battle will trigger the package effect.

Eight, summary
  Stakes data should be used only for personal comparison and improvement, it should be repeated in the same environment to do comparison. Should also be combined with SIMC, but I’m lazy.

  As long as the environment to keep the same, there is no other syrup drinking bloodthirsty is indifferent, only beheaded should be eliminated. Of course, you can also compare their own BUFF and no BUFF damage is how much you

  Stakes data is not used to show off, but brought me to improve progress, remember to remember. (Click gameusd.com to buy gameusd,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

War again! 2017NBA2KOL National League Fall Release Announcement

Dear MVP:
Is the autumn season, 2017NBA2KOL National League Fall (hereinafter referred to NNL) will be officially kicked off on October 14! You wait for a long time!
The current NNL is NBA2KOL Tenth National League (S10), 5 years ten, along the way, thank you MVP always accompanied! Therefore, the current NNL also “do not forget the beginning of the heart, ten must have you” as the main theme of the event to upgrade, so that you can participate in the players have a better experience, leaving a better belongs to the NNL youth memories!

【City race plus set point】
The competition is still using the classic city race – regional tournament – the final tournament system, in the city stage, from the original north and south of the eight cities to upgrade to the north and south of the 10 cities, so that more MVP can enter the door entry!
The following is a detailed arrangement of the city:
10.14 ~ 10.15 Hefei, Qingdao, Xi’an, Beijing, Wuhan
10.21 ~ 10.22 Nanchang, Nanning, Kunming, Harbin, Shenyang
10.28 ~ 10.29 Zhengzhou, Changchun, Changsha, Chengdu, Fuzhou
11.04 ~ 11.05 Taiyuan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou
[Dynasty 5V5 clan race unlimited places]
The dynasty 5V5 clan race is still using online registration – online election – line under the regional tournament promotion mechanism, the difference is that the current NNL no longer limit the squad places, as long as the registration time within the specified time and complete information, you can participate in the sea selected!
Northern team line Shanghai election registration will be opened on October 23 -27, South team line Shanghai tournament registration will be in the October 30 – November 3 opening, the final north and south will have four victorious team advance to the north and south Regional tournament.
【Registration Simplification】
The current NNL mode competition will continue to use in the event life app registration form, in addition, will be added sweep code registration, web registration form, so MVP can be more convenient and convenient registration contest! (Detailed registration will be published on the theme of the event)
【Reward upgrade】
The current NNL entry awards, clothing awards and the finals cash awards will be fully upgraded, so stay tuned!
【grateful to you】
The current NNL is the NBA2KOL the Tenth National League, in order to thank you all the way to accompany the MVP, who signed the S8, S9 players, can be received on the theme of the exclusive Thanksgiving feedback (each QQ only one) , Feedback will be open on October 20 to receive!
Nan Zheng North war, always have you! Thank you for the way you come to understand and support MVP! Rebellion, brothers, see the stadium!

FIFA 18 UT 3rd week best lineup: Kane, de Boulogne, led by Islam

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EA (EA) FIFA official Twitter announced the third week UT mode of the best team, we look at it.

Starting lineup
Goalkeeper: Patricio (Portuguese Sports)
Defender: Mennier (Paris Saint-Germain), Gintel (Boracay Götzbach), Maekon (Galatasaray)
Midfield: Fellenie (Manchester United), De Boulogne (Manchester City), Isaac (Real Madrid), Brozovic (Inter Milan)
Striker: Kane (Tottenham), Luis Alberto (Lazio), Yarmo Rico (Dortmund)
Goalkeeper: Kussemans (Mehren)
Defender: Stern (Freiburg), Morrow (Toronto FC)
Midfield: Konas Muller (Admira), Fusu (Charlton), Hernandez (Leon), Arslan (Sivas Sports), Voss (Celta)
Striker: Adam – Rooney (Aberdeen), Stefanelli (AIK Solna), Haji (Nancy), Anderson (Kaiserslautern)

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NBA 2K18′ With Updated Covers Featuring Kyrie Irving in Boston Celtics Uniform Now Available

The NBA preseason is already underway, and, in a matter of weeks, the 2017-2018 regular season will kick off. For fans who are itching for some NBA action, they can get some through the “NBA 2K18” video game that is now available with its updated and more accurate cover.

Last weekend, 2K Sports confirmed that the new covers for the hit basketball video game are now available. The new version still features the same cover superstar in Kyrie Irving, though this time, the All-Star guard is now wearing a Boston Celtics jersey.

Interestingly, gamers who already purchased the previous version with Kyrie sporting his old Cleveland Cavaliers uniform can exchange their old covers for a new one. “Want to swap out your cover of #NBA2K18 to represent Kyrie Irving in his new threads? Download & print it here,” posted 2K on Twitter with a link to the new cover.

According to Forbes, there are avid gamers who are also collectors of each and every cover of the game, since its very first installment in 1999. Having the chance to download and print out the new cover insert will be a big plus for collectors, the report said.

Irving’s case was a new one, at least for the NBA 2K franchise. It was the first time that a cover athlete was traded to another team just days after being announced as the cover.

Irving was shipped to the Boston Celtics after a blockbuster deal during the offseason. The deal involved 28-year-old Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, and Ante Zizic, plus a first round and second-round draft pick in 2018 and 2020, respectively.

The former Cavalier will face a tough challenge against his old team with the latter’s recent acquisitions. The Cavs, still led by LeBron James, acquired the services of former league MVP Derrick Rose who will be teaming up with Thomas in the backcourt. Moreover, they also signed three-time champion Dwyane Wade who was released by the Chicago Bulls after a contract buyout.

Panucci: “Capello has advised me to become a coach”

Albania – tipping on the scales in group G of the Europa-Quali
Coach Christian Panucci on the duels with Spain and Italy
“Fabio Capello has advised me to become a coach”
Albania are virtually unimportant before the last two qualifying matches for the 2018 ™ FIFA World Cup ™. The team ranks third in the Group G group, which includes Spain and Italy, among other things, and must compete against these teams.

But the Spaniards and the Italians not yet qualified for the World Cup in Russia were badly underestimated to underestimate Albania. “These are two very prestigious games for our players, and we will try to do everything, because you always have to try – both in life and in sport – to try and get angry, and never know what happens in football.” Christian Panucci laughs mischievously. For the national team of Albania they are not simply any games.

“They are very special games, Spain is my second home, I spend a lot of time there every year, I have friends and an important stage in my career that I like to think back and I live in Italy National team. ”
Did you know?

Panucci was born in 1973 in Savona (Italy) and trained in the junior department of Genoa.
He played as the right defender for AC Milan, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and AS Roma, before he put on football 2010 in the service of FC Parma.
He has won numerous titles as a player, including the UEFA Champions League twice: 1994 with Milan and 1998 with Madrid (seventh title of the Royal ).
He played 57 games for Italy and took part with the Azzurri at the 2002 World Cup.
Fabio Capello is his great mentor. Panucci followed him from Milan to Madrid and later also started his trainer run under him.
Panucci on the coach’s bench: he served as an assistant to Fabio Capello in the Russian national team and joined the team in the Brazilian World Cup. He trained AS Livorno and Ternara Unicusano Calcio in the 2nd Italian league and has been an Albanian national team since July.
Results with Albania: Since he took over the coach, the team was able to score a 2-0 win against Liechtenstein and a 1-1 draw against the FYR Macedonia.
In an exclusive interview with FIFA.com , Panucci talks about his goals with Albania, the criticism of the Azzurri under Giampiero Ventura and the influence of Capello on his career.

The legacy and the new challenge in Europe
“Gianni de Biasi has done a great job, and after the qualification for the EURO 2016 Albania enjoys a lot of respect in Europe and around the world, I have a very good feeling I am very satisfied, our goal is the qualification for the European Championship 2020, and we will play all our cards to be there, I believe we have the chance to make a good road, and I am sure that Albania is a very good future ahead. ”

Satisfied not with a draw
“In my opinion, should win or lose with a bold appearance it. We will see what happens against Spain and Italy. I do not want my players to believe that I am satisfied with a point and then all reinstellen back [laughs] . But it would be good not to lose. ”

The criticism of Italy under Ventura
“Spain have won this game against Italy [3: 0] , but many other times has won Italy, and I do not think the difference between both teams is great he is a high-quality coach with a lot of experience and deserves respect. ”

A World Cup without Italy?
“I do not know, I’m used to being part of it, and the qualification is still going on and I hope the team will reach the finals, I’m sure it will work out, and when the Italians are at a World Cup , then they will also be able to advance to the finals. ”

Coach thanks to Capello
“I’ve always liked the performance, but he was the one who told me I had to be a coach, he took me to Russia, that was a very nice experience and from then on, pursue this career. to be an influential coach, I have to work hard. this is not easy, but I have the strength to try it, and we’ll see what holds the fate for me. From Capello I have learned many things , but they remain my secret [laughs], we all know his way of working and his attitude, and is one of the things that have accompanied me throughout my career.